Dave Padden - vocals
Mike Young - bass & keys
Justin Bender - guitars
Aaron Edgar - drums

Written and Recorded in Regina, SK Winnipeg, MB and Vancouver BC Jan-Aug 2015 by Justin Bender, Aaron Edgar and Mike Young

Vocals tracked at Creativ Recording, Vancouver BC, Jan 2016

Produced by Third Ion
Engineered by Justin Bender and Mike Young
Mixed and Mastered by Justin Bender, assisted by Aaron Edgar

Artwork, Layout and all Merchandise designed by Harley K of Necrographix

Photography by Kyle Bender, Yanosh Gabisoniya 

This album was successfully completed in part due to the funding received from some amazing contributors who helped us reach our goal through Indiegogo. A huge ionic thank you goes out to the following, in no particular order:

Chris Tessmer, Jimmy Mixco,Seth Hendrix, Erin Lindsay, Anna-Marie Jarocki, Scott Beland, Ross Rubin, Kyle Bender, Aaron Holma, Thomas Steen-Larsen, Ethon Burns, Littlejohn, Alistair “AL15TAR” Fraser, Nancy Barnes, Sweet Spot Clutches, Chet Spriggs, Derek Mintenko, David Sanderson, Colin Mitchell, The Ken, Slug Comparison, Kaylon Disiewich, Todd Itcush, Jim Austin, Ryan Forsyth, Jovan Cica, Brad 'The Bus' Provick, Dale Mitchell, Mitch Fraser, Aaron Levy, Vicki Bender, Leanne Gilbert, Jaime Paquette, Tim Zerr, Jeremy Tyler James, Jordan Padden, Izumi Idogawa, Michael "Man Mountain" Klein, Jedrzej Antkiewicz, Brett Williams, Byron Chambers, Donny Pinay, Aaron Anderson, Chris Hunter, Colby Middleton, Ryan Claxton, Gail Edgar-Parkes, Nico & Marlies Wobben, Bradley Kohl, Gustavo Solano, Shari Braun and a few that wished to remain anonymous.